Podcast: Technology trends impacting the manufacturing industry in 2024

Podcast: Technology trends impacting the manufacturing industry in 2024

Feb. 7, 2024
In this episode of Great Question: A Manufacturing Podcast, Laura Davis examines the trends you can expect for the year, what that might look like, and how you can use them.

The manufacturing industry is perpetually advancing and improving, thanks in no small part to new and evolving technologies. The adoption rate of such innovations varies from industry to industry and company to company, with factors like specific needs, regulatory environments, and economic conditions affecting investment decisions. In this episode of Great Question: A Manufacturing Podcast, Laura Davis, the editor in chief of New Equipment Digest, takes a deep dive into the technology and equipment trends that are poised to change the industry in 2024.

Below is an excerpt from the podcast:

So to start, Gartner recently conducted a survey of manufacturers on what their plans were for 2024, specifically related to technology, and 54% of those surveyed said they plan on increasing their technology spending this year. Now, even though the economy isn't great at the moment, the thought behind this increased spending is that technology advancements will help manufacturers address staffing shortages, enhance productivity, and help unlock new revenue streams. And what would those technologies be? Well, here are six of the top trends we're expecting to see in 2024.

About the Author

Laura Davis

Laura Davis is the editor in chief of New Equipment Digest (NED), a brand part of the Manufacturing Group at Endeavor Business Media. NED covers all products, equipment, solutions, and technology related to the broad scope of manufacturing, from mops and buckets to robots and automation. Laura has been a manufacturing product writer for six years, knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the industry along with what readers are looking for when wanting to learn about the latest products on the market. 

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