Cyber security: Don't let yourself be vulnerable

Aug. 18, 2015
Understand your weaknesses to combat cyber criminals.

Companies using or providing industrial automation systems never want to receive news that a vulnerability has been identified that could allow a cyber criminal to break into a system to do damage or steal information. Anyone who pays attention to the cyber security world knows about these sorts of problems.

Vulnerabilities of one sort or another exist in virtually every software program of any size or complexity. While programmers do their best to create reliable and secure software, some weaknesses will arise when programs have many thousands or even millions of lines of code. These vulnerabilities may not interfere with normal operation but one might provide an entry that can be pried open with the right tools and strategy if a cyber criminal wants to break in.

To learn more about cyber security, read “Properly Tackle Your Cyber-Security Vulnerabilities” from Chemical Processing.

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