Top 5 ways to prevent arc flash

March 31, 2015


Safety is always a priority for plant managers, with the threat of arc flash weighing heavily on their minds. Here are the top 5 article you need to read to help prevent arc flash and ensure the electrical safety of your plant.



New OSHA rules on electric power generation, transmission, and distribution

What’s revised, why, and how much it will cost.



Are new OSHA rules on electrical safety regular or supersize?

2014 changes to the 1910.269 and 1926.960 rules.



How the electrical safety trifecta can reduce risk and increase reliability

Safe installations, safe work practices, and adequate electrical equipment maintenance come together.



How to determine the best electrical safety practices for your plant

Objective and measurable techniques to determine best safety practices on electrical systems.



Electrical workplace safety training is the best insurance money can buy

Safety training is one of the most important requirements for electrical workplace safety.

Can't get enough of arc flash safety?
Watch the presentation, "Do you really need to perform an arc flash hazard analysis?" Find out why you should conduct an arc flash hazard analysis, develop an understanding of the process from pre- to post- analysis and leave with an action plan for getting your arc flash hazard analysis done. Watch the presentation

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