How ultrasound technicians are improving reliability at your plant

July 10, 2014
Properly maintaining your equipment can dramatically improve the lifespan of the machinery. With these 10 tips, learn how to do just that.

Maintenance and reliability plans can dramatically improve the lifespan of a plant's machines, saving both time and money. However, these strategies are often among the most overlooked in the plant. Unfortunately, this will continue to be the case if you're an ultrasound technician and do not take matters into your own hands.

Before you can even begin to start improving plant reliability, you need to start putting the wheels in motion, Plucknette explained. This means getting rid of the excuses. Ultimately, change depends on you. By following through on your commitments, garnering support and making your successes known, you can start to make some noise within your plant about the benefits of machine maintenance. Here are 10 things you can do to get your maintenance plan moving.

  1. Attain level 1 certification
  2. Walk down and identify
  3. Build the business case for PdM
  4. Get on it and stay on it
  5. Get into the lube
  6. Enlighten your electrical group
  7. Get involved with RCM and RCA
  8. Discover new applications
  9. Achieve additional certifications
  10. Share the knowledge

For the full explanation on these tips, read the UE Systems article here.

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