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Aug. 27, 2009
Plant Services' predictive maintenance portal helps you stay up-to-date with plant industry maintenance. has assembled a list of predictive maintenance articles and put them in one place. Make sure you keep this page bookmarked and come back often — we're always updating!

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis: what does it mean?
Interpreting the vibration signature of plant equipment.

Vibration analysis and balancing
Affordability does not have to come at the expense of quality and performance.

Condition monitoring under control
Building vibration analysis into the control system boosts efficiency and productivity. 

Measuring your vibes
Here's how to establish an effective vibration-based predictive maintenance program.

Two powerful predictors
Russ Kratowicz, P.E., CMRP, executive editor, offers these Web resources to add to your thermography and vibration-analysis toolbox.

Online monitoring makes bearings show stripes
A bearing failure at a South African plant caused an unplanned shutdown lasting several hours.

Sensible control
Contributing Editor Sheila Kennedy investigates emerging sensor technologies that take on G-forces, vibration, embrittlement and odors.

Build your own industrial Tricorder
Almost anything you can do with a conventional industrial PC can be done with a handheld device.

When is predictive maintenance a burden rather than a benefit?
Are you implementing your predictive maintenance managerial plan correctly?

Web Hunter: The pillars of predictive maintenance
Get a grip on predictive maintenance with these useful Web resources, hand picked by Executive Editor Russ Kratowicz in his monthly Web Hunter column.

A new generation of sensors is poised to revolutionize predictive maintenance
New software and emerging technologies are simplifying condition monitoring and streamlining the process of predictive maintenance.

Measuring your vibes
Here's how to establish an effective vibration-based predictive maintenance program.

The skinny on lean maintenance
Participants in Plant Services latest Focus Group say that getting lean requires an understanding of how predictive technologies fit into the crucial balance between reactive, preventive and predictive efforts.

Controlling the compressors
Learn how Air Liquide, a producer of medical and industrial gases, integrated a successful predictive maintenance program.

Hot, slick and shaky
The Web supports the pillars on which predictive maintenance rests.

Condition assessments
Building them into the regular predictive maintenance program offers certain benefits.

Power company foresees failures
Predictive maintenance helps Calpine reduce forced outages and cut MRO costs.

What works
Predictive maintenance technology saves time and money.

Lean maintenance and predictive technologies
Plant Services’ readers discuss the variables involved in cutting costs.

What Works: Documented predictive maintenance reels in revenue
Thanks to installing a new CMMS system that has reduced mechanical failure and downtime, Gormac Products has seen an increase in sales.

Convenient online analysis facilitates predictive maintenance
Users of motor performance montiors from Baker Instrument Co. were intereviewed about the results of their experiences. Read about how these monitors performed.

Going mobile: Power tools for culture change
Moving from reactive to predictive is a culture change.

Avoid the rolling thunder
Powertrain performance echoes effective predictive maintenance management.

Smarter PdM
Smart instruments extend predictive maintenance beyond the controls.

The search for information about time series forecasting and other predictive methods.

What Works: Lubricant analysis sited in Kansas
Learn about the predictive maintenance initiative an electric power provider undertook and the results from lubrication analysis.

Infrared Imaging

A short introduction to thermography
To gain the maximum benefits from your investment in infrared systems, use it on critical systems that generate capacity in the plant.

Fugitives found fleeing gas-handling equipment
Infrared imaging pinpoints VOC and greenhouse gas emissions.

Power plant puts ports in electrical cabinets
Alcoa finds key(hole) to fast, safe closed-door infrared inspections.

Infrared lights the path to proactive maintenance
In thermography, failing to plan means planning to fail.

Uncool technology
It's the best way to monitor the invisible.

If you fail to plan — plan to fail
Your thermal scan accuracy can benefit from a structured approach.

Reliable distribution
Solve electrical problems with thermal imaging.

Using thermography to keep tabs on roofing hot spots
With thermography technology becoming increasingly affordable, plants on a tight budget can consider a do-it-yourself approach.

Seeing beyond red
Thermal evaluations will enhance any maintenance program.

Tiny, wireless and self-energized
Contributing Editor Sheila Kennedy reports that a new generation of sensors is poised to revolutionize predictive maintenance.

Make the transition from run-to-fail to run-to-profit
Simply put, reliability affects the bottom line. There are both basic and advanced technologies out there that can shape your predictive maintenance program.

Predictive versus preventive
"If engineering doesn't have to worry about reliability issues and can focus on improving the manufacturing process, we have done our jobs."

Power trans troubles?
Predictive maintenance has become a priority for many companies in the last 20 years, but often these companies lack the manpower or the expertise to effectively support predictive programs.

Predictable impediments
Establish your predictive maintenance program after eliminating these problems.

More and more companies see the light
The relentless search for higher profits is finally bringing predictive maintenance out of the back room.

Hands-on hydraulics
A little common-sense predictive and preventive maintenance can save yourself from catastrophic hydraulic failure. 

Look before it leaks
Inspection, information and predictive maintenance keep roof costs under control.

Optimized predictive maintenance
Rethinking the traditional way it's been done could pay dividends.

Evaluating a predictive program
Do not allow unintended consequences to degrade the program's value.

Powertrain performance echoes effective predictive maintenance
Machinery maintenance efforts should begin before a piece of hardware even makes its way to the plant floor.

New tools for PdM
Learn about condition monitoring beyond oil analysis, temperature and vibration in Sheila Kennedy's monthly Technology Toolbox column.

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