Good maintenance starts with proper lubrication

Oct. 30, 2019
Using the right lubricants in the right way can lead to a well-oiled operation – literally and in the larger sense.

Put the right amount of the right kind of lubricant in the right place. Simple, right?

But there are very few simple aspects to running a food or beverage plant, and lubrication is no exception. Lubricant types and application methods present an array of choices; making the right choices helps keep equipment running properly with minimal risk of product contamination.

The most basic choice is whether, and how widely, to use food-grade lubricants, which are designed to be non-toxic in trace amounts. Known as H1 lubricants, these are generally more expensive than non-food-grade (H2) lubricants, and often degrade faster. This tempts maintenance people to lubricate with H2 oils and greases.

But the toxicity of H2 products creates a food safety issue, which is, or should be, the overriding concern.

To learn more, read "Lubricants Help Grease the Path to a Plant’s Success" from Food Processing.

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