How Sustainability Technology Will Guide Industry To A New Normal

How sustainability technology will guide industry to a new normal

March 14, 2023
As ESG policies gain traction worldwide, they are changing the way industry approaches the sustainable impacts of operations.

Sustainability practices are no longer the future for industry. Organizations still have time to meet global environmental standards, but in some cases, this will require a complete overhaul of business processes and company culture. Sustainability will be embedded in your products or services through the full supply chain, upstream and downstream from your business, and woven into the fabric of process and infrastructure design. And for many companies already, sustainability corporate strategy goes far beyond environmental practices to ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) policies, to employee safety, ethics, cybersecurity, and diversity and human rights.

Sustainability can mean different things to different companies, different executives, or different equipment. However, as a global standard, greenhouse gas emissions reduction holds the majority of the environmental focus for industry – for now. Technology will be the key to giving manufacturers the tools to understand their energy output, takes steps to be more sustainable, and embrace all the paths to sustainable operations.

Here’s a glimpse at the current sustainability software market, industry partners and leaders, and data and analysis trends.

8 future sustainability trends for industry
Technology providers and industry partners and leaders discuss the many faces of sustainability.

4 technologies to help industries reach their sustainability goals
Emerson outlines fundamental tech and how industry practitioners are changing how business success is measured.

Monitor and analyze energy use to reach your plant's sustainability goals
Calculating the carbon footprint per unit of production is made easier by data collection and analysis technology.

What should manufacturers know about sustainability standards?
What has long been a future goal for emissions reduction could soon be a present reality for all industrial facilities.

Methanol producer wins gold medal sustainability rating
The award is focused on more than the environment, including labor, ethics, and safety issues.

Sustainability across the supply chain: Good for business and the environment
How General Mills optimized grain delivery to focus on specialty products.

Balancing profitability and sustainability in the industrial sector
A holistic view of asset optimization strategically uses technology to design and operate for the future.

ESG software analysis: Sustainability for industry needs data and automation
ARC Advisory’s report on emerging ESG software makes a case for its importance in advancing industrial sustainability.

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