Spectrum Advanced Manufacturing Technologies expands operations in Colorado 

Spectrum Advanced Manufacturing Technologies expands operations in Colorado 

May 16, 2024
The expansion will be used to create a segregated cleanroom facility reserved for wiring and harnessing, called the "Deep Space Center."

Spectrum Advanced Manufacturing Technologies has announced plans to expand its operations in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The company, which is owned by Ocutrx Technologies, Inc. and specializes in microelectronic circuits and electronic assemblies, will expand its existing facility by 3,000 square feet and add a new 12,000-square-foot building dedicated to manufacturing and assembly spaces. The expansion will be used to create a segregated cleanroom facility reserved for wiring and harnessing, called the "Deep Space Center." The new facility will be used to produce OcuLenz and ORLenz AR/XR headsets and the StereoLenz "glasses-free" 3D monitors. To help support the project, the Colorado Economic Development Commission will give the company approximately $1,281,974 over eight years for the creation of up to 101 new jobs. 

What people are saying

In a recent quote, Jeff Gilbert, Spectrum Chief Operating Officer, said, "This expansion signifies a strategic response to the growing demand for Spectrum AMT's expertise in high-reliability electronics manufacturing and assembly. We are deeply appreciative of our partnership with 5Star Bank and remain firmly committed to not only supporting critical industries like aerospace and defense but also contributing meaningfully to the advancement of technologies that shape the future, from space exploration and scientific discovery to addressing global medical challenges. We are proud to be part of a Colorado ecosystem that fosters innovation and economic growth, and we are excited to continue playing a vital role in Colorado Springs. This community has been instrumental in our beginning and continued success."

Manufacturers investing in Colorado

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Investing in American manufacturing in 2024

This map shows where manufacturers are choosing to invest their resources, whether they are building new production facilities or expanding existing plants.

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