Automotive supplier fined $315K by OSHA after worker is crushed to death

Automotive supplier fined $315K by OSHA after worker is crushed to death

April 30, 2024
The company was cited for similar violations in 2022.

An OSHA investigation has determined that Faurecia Emissions Control Systems NA LLC could have prevented a 26-year-old employee from dying if the company had installed machine guarding. The incident occurred in October 2023 when the worker was placing cardboard under a machine that bends vehicle exhaust pipes and was crushed to death.

The company, which Is owned by Faurecia North America, a large automotive supplier, faces 10 instance-by-instance citations. These citations include failing to train employees on lockout/tagout processes, not having proper machine guarding, and exposing machine operators to struck-by and caught-between hazards. The company was cited for similar violations in 2022. Faurecia Emissions Control Systems faces $314,555 in proposed penalties.

What people are saying

In a recent quote, OSHA Area Director Ken Montgomery said, “Faurecia Emissions Control Systems could have prevented this tragedy by having proper machine guarding that would have protected employees from contact with moving machine parts. Safety requirements are just that, required. This company failed in its legal responsibility to ensure workers were protected from workplace hazards.”

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