Scrap metal facility fined $145K for failing to control stormwater runoff and violating the Clean Water Act

March 28, 2024
This uncontrolled runoff could result in the Kansas River becoming polluted.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that Scrap Management LLC, which does business as Rivers Edge Scrap Management of Kansas City, Kansas, violated the federal Clean Water Act. The agency alleges that the company did not properly control stormwater runoff from its scrap metal recycling and processing facility. This uncontrolled runoff could result in the Kansas River becoming polluted. In addition, Scrap Management failed to perform inspections and did not train employees on stormwater management practices. The company will have to pay $144,500 in civil penalties and correct the violations through implementation of an EPA compliance order.

In a recent quote, David Cozad, director of EPA Region 7’s Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Division, said, “Uncontrolled runoff from scrap yards harms streams and rivers and limits the public’s use and enjoyment of those waters. This settlement demonstrates EPA’s commitment to protecting vital watersheds in urban communities, especially in areas overburdened by pollution.”

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