Aeronautical parts manufacturer fined $285K by OSHA for 24 safety violations

March 4, 2024
Sonaca North America is still being investigated for allegations of health hazards.

An OSHA investigation has determined that LMI Finishing Inc., operating as Sonaca North America, exposed workers to dozens of safety hazards. The investigation began after a complaint was made about the aeronautical parts manufacturer’s lax safety environment at its Oklahoma plant. The company was cited for 23 serious violations of OSHA safety standards and one other-than-serious violation. These violations include failing to ensure electrical equipment was used as intended and free from hazards, not confirming that chemical containers were labeled, and failing to provide PPE to employees working with chromium VI, acids and caustic chemicals. Sonaca North America is still being investigated for allegations of health hazards. The company faces $284,963 in penalties,

In a recent quote, OSHA Area Director Steven Kirby said, “LMI Finishing Inc. took serious risks with its employees’ lives by not identifying and correcting multiple safety hazards. Combining confined space violations with chemicals such as chromium VI exposed multiple employees to serious safety and health hazards.” 

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