Battery materials company invests $650 million to build graphite anode manufacturing facility in North Carolina

Oct. 27, 2023
Construction will begin in 2024, and production will begin in 2026.

Epsilon Advanced Materials (EAM) has announced plans to build a new graphite anode manufacturing facility in Brunswick County, North Carolina. The decision to build in North Carolina was based on the location’s proximity to Wilmington port, automotive suppliers, and vehicle manufacturing plants. The battery materials company will invest $650 million into the new 1.5 million-square-foot facility, creating 500 new jobs in the process. Construction will begin in 2024, and production will begin in 2026. According to the company, the new facility will utilize green technologies to produce high-capacity anode materials for EV batteries.

In a recent quote, EAM CEO Sunit Kapu said, “Having an environmentally friendly world-class facility in North Carolina resolves supply chain concerns that the automotive industry has experienced in recent years. We are proud that with our tech capability to manufacture both natural and synthetic graphite, we will be able to provide graphite anodes to the growing EV battery industry faster, more reliably, and at a competitive cost without import challenges.”

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