Tesla to invest $3.6 billion to grow Nevada Gigafactory

Jan. 27, 2023
This investment will allow the facility to increase headcount by 3,000 workers and build two new factories.

Tesla plans to invest $3.6 billion into its Gigafactory in Nevada. This investment will allow the facility to increase headcount by 3,000 workers and build two new factories. One factory will produce 4680 battery cells. According to the company, the factory will produce enough batteries annually to power 1.5 million light-duty vehicles. The second factory will manufacture Semi, Tesla’s electric combination truck. Semi features a range of 500 miles and consumes less than 2 KWh per mile, as stated by Tesla.

In an article for The New York Times, author Jack Ewing wrote, “If the Tesla truck is a success, it could put the same kind of pressure on established truck makers that carmakers faced from Tesla’s electric cars and sport utility vehicles. The success of Tesla cars forced General Motors, Ford Motor, Volkswagen and other automakers to reply with their own electric vehicles, upending the industry. But it is unclear how many truck buyers will switch to electric vehicles, and how quickly.”

Investing in American Manufacturing - 2023

This map shows where manufacturers are choosing to invest their resources, whether they are building new production facilities or expanding existing plants.

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