Report: Critical manufacturing industry needs to improve cyber resiliency

Jan. 26, 2023
A new report from SecurityScorecard, examines the health of cyber resilience in the critical infrastructure sectors.

A new report from SecurityScorecard, examines the health of cyber resilience in the critical infrastructure sectors. The report, Addressing the Trust Deficit In Critical Infrastructure, found that 48% of critical manufacturing organizations ranked “C,” “D,” or “F” on SecurityScorecard’s security ratings platform. To reach their ratings, SecurityScorecard considers 10 factors.

In an excerpt from the report specifically related to critical manufacturing, the SecurityScorecard team found that “the Patching Cadence factor experienced a significant drop across the year from 2021 to 2022, moving from an 88 (B) to a 76 (C). The Patching Cadence factor analyzes how many out-of-date assets a company has and the rate at which organizations remediate and apply patches compared to peers.” SecurityScorecard believes that this decline is caused by a 38% year-over-year increase in vulnerabilities.

SecurityScorecard’s report also found that the manufacturing industry is seeing an increase in malware infections. In 2022, 37% of critical manufacturing organizations had malware infections, as stated in the report.

In a recent quote, Aleksandr Yampolskiy, co-founder and CEO of SecurityScorecard, said, “Security ratings are a trusted barometer of cyber resilience and the time is now for policymakers and organizations to make cyber risk measurement mandatory. Cyberattacks in the last 10 years have gotten much worse, more complex, and increasingly have targeted critical infrastructure, thereby undermining the public’s trust in the cyber resilience of our global economy.”

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