Eversource Energy Service fined $333,560 by OSHA following fatal arc flash and blast

Jan. 19, 2023
OSHA has cited Eversource Energy Service Co. for violating five safety standards.

OSHA has cited Eversource Energy Service Co. for violating five safety standards. The citation comes after a deadly arc flash and blast which occurred last year while employees were performing maintenance work on a piece of electrical equipment. The company faces $333,560 in fines for not fully deenergizing their electrical equipment, not following maintenance recommendations provided by the equipment manufacturer, and failing to properly train employees on how to avoid electrical hazards.

In a recent quote, OSHA Area Director James Mulligan said, "Eversource could have prevented this arc flash and blast – and its tragic outcome – by ensuring effective and necessary training, procedures and work practices were provided and followed. The company knew the hazards related to this type of high voltage equipment, yet it failed to safeguard its employees as the law requires."

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