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In the Headlines: OSHA works overtime, fining two facilities after deadly accidents

Aug. 18, 2023
Plus, oil and gas company sued for environmental violations.

The manufacturing industry is in a perpetual state of change. New technologies, policies, regulations, and company initiatives keep altering the role and perception of manufacturing in America. Every day, there’s a new plant, industry acquisition, research report, or law, and staying up to date on the latest information can prove difficult. Here’s what’s happening this week, in case you missed it. 

Report: Which manufacturing credentials matter most?
The research examines how credentials are valued by employers and workers within the industry, as well as which credentials are most valued.

Siemens to begin manufacturing solar inverters in Wisconsin
The string inverters will range from 125 to 155 kW and will be manufactured with a California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency of 99%.

Timberland and sawmill facility fined $218,759 after an employee is crushed to death by machinery
An OSHA investigation has determined that Anthony Timberlands Inc., a timberland and sawmill facility in Arkansas, exposed its workers to unnecessary hazards.

Ford, SK On, EcoProBM to invest C$1.2 billion to build cathode manufacturing facility in Canada
The plant will be used to provide Ford with the batteries it needs for its electric vehicles.

Texas sues Shell for environmental violations following fire at petrochemical plant
The lawsuit, which was filed in Travis County by the Texas attorney general’s office, claims that the company contaminated both the air and water, and violated several state laws.

GE Appliances invests $34 million to expand refrigeration manufacturing at Tennessee plant
“We are excited to grow our team and create great new job opportunities in McNairy County and West Tennessee."

Report: Semiconductor industry faces a shortfall of 67,000 workers by 2030
The report projects that by 2030, the semiconductor industry will grow by 115,000 jobs to a total of 460,000 jobs.

John Deere invests $69.6 million to build battery and charger manufacturing plant in North Carolina
The 115,000-square foot plant will produce Kreisel battery packs for high performance and large, off-highway equipment applications.

Ohio foundry fined $62,500 after steam explosion kills 1 worker and leaves 15 injured
According to OSHA, the company failed to ensure that lockout/tag out procedures were followed during the inspection of the furnace.

Canoo receives $113 million in incentives to open vehicle manufacturing plants in Oklahoma
As part of the agreement, Canoo will receive payments from the Quality Jobs program and the Quick Action Closing Fund, as well as training support.

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