Career Guide: Maintenance supervisor

June 28, 2012

Welcome to Career Guide. Every week, we'll highlight a new job from our Plant Connection job board. This week's position is Maintenance Supervisor for Hexcel Corporation in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Welcome to Career Guide. Every week, we'll highlight a new job from our Plant Connection job board. This week's position is Maintenance Supervisor for Hexcel Corporation in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Qualified individuals:

  • Will review requirements for support of maintenance activities and arrange for equipment, personnel and other resources to accomplish the tasks.
  • As new equipment and facilities are added to the Site, the incumbent will establish preventative maintenance and spare parts based on equipment supplier recommendations
  • Will review all spare parts for obsolescence, and establish proper max/men levels.
  • Will review and approve new construction projects on behalf of maintenance.  As the project is completed, the incumbent will attend buy offs on the equipment or facility and provide input on maintenance concerns before the project is closed.
  • Will be required to technically investigate repair and reliability issues as they arise.
  • Required to communicate with Maintenance Manager on a daily basis to discuss prior day performance, current equipment reliability issues, resource needs, etc.
  • Responsible for on budget, timely completion and technically successful projects through professional preparation and execution.
  • Responsible for continuous improvement in equipment reliability leading to a reduction in maintenance related down time.
  • Must possess knowledge of the fundamentals and applications of both crafts to include electricity, electronics, HVAC, pneumatic and mechanical repair of Site machinery and equipment, pipe-fitting, garage mechanics, instrumentation, controllers, PLC's, welding, carpentry, painting, precision alignment, mechanical systems and pumps.
  • Must have a thorough understanding of both electrical and millwright crafts. Ability to direct work of both crafts in installing, repairing, troubleshooting, and maintaining all Site electrical and mechanical equipment.
  • Plans and administers the daily activities of the maintenance craftsmen to insure efficient completion of planned activities. Analyze and resolve work related issues and assists craftsmen as problems or issues arise.
  • Establish and administer performance assessments for craftsmen.
  • Provide training to address performance issues and improve overall skill level of maintenance craftsmen.
  • Interpret company policies and insure consistency from worker to worker.
  • Enforce safety policies to ensure safe work environment and safe performance of maintenance craftsmen.
  • Initiates and suggests plans to motivate workers to achieve work goals. Establishes and tracks performance metrics. Communicates goals and performance vs. goals to craftsmen.
  • Confers with other department supervisors to coordinate activities of individual department needs.

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