Energy auditing hasn't changed in 40 years

May 22, 2014

Watson: Am I to understand that the best training your Profession can offer is a 40 Year-Old Course in Energy Auditing? Shame on you. Bad Engineer! Bad Engineer! I am living in the Information Age and Your Profession is mired in the Estimation Age of the 1970’s.

Watson: Did you take any Energy Auditing classes when you were getting started in this field Holmes?

Holmes: I took a four day Energy Auditing Course in the mid 70’s from the Continuing Education in Engineering Program at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. I also went to Atlanta for a week and took a similar course from Al Thuman, the founder of the Association of Energy Engineers.

Watson: How much different are today's Courses from the ones you took?

Holmes: To be quite frank, they are nearly identical.

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