UCCI’s STEM Conference tries to inspire excitement about the world of STEM

June 24, 2014

At the STEM conference, UCCI stresses the importance of science in our world and why more people should pursue a career in STEM.

At UCCI’s STEM Conference, people gathered to learn more about science and have their appetites wetted for careers in science. They held classes for every age and emphasized the importance in showing how fun and interesting science can be. Dr. Shirin Haque could not stress enough the importance of introducing STEM skills to the future generations because of the key role science plays in our society.

“You go anywhere today… it is steeped in technology and science. The world we live in today, you can’t take a breath without some aspect of science being a part of everyone’s life,” Dr. Haque explained. “We need people to understand the values of it.”

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