Curious about STEM education but don’t know the details?

June 24, 2014

Kate Cohen explains the answers to some main questions that people have about STEM education in a Q&A session.

As Kate Cohen explains in her video answering questions people have about STEM education, STEM is more than just a recent phenomenon. It is a need that our country is growing to greatly lack.

“This growing emphasis on STEM education is not a fad,” Cohen said. “What it reflects is the changing needs of the American job market. Occupations in STEM fields are the second fastest growing in the nation.”

It becomes clear that STEM jobs are vital to the United States success in the future, and without it our country will fall farther behind other countries in the STEM fields. To help that not happen, STEM must continually be stressed in children’s education. Teachers need to be knowledgeable in STEM and informed on how to teach STEM in the most interesting, fun, interactive and accurate ways possible.

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