STEM careers and women: Where does she fit in?

June 25, 2014

Amita Sharma from KPBS News discusses with Executive Director Kristie Grover from BIOCOM Institute the potential that women possess for careers in the STEM fields.

Both Amita Sharma KPBS News and Kristie Grover from BIOCOM Institute agree that women are extremely intelligent and have a lot to offer the world of STEM. What the pair disagree with is the United States and the world’s initial reaction to women who want to pursue science.

“What we see is at the middle school level ...there’s an unintentional bias where we tend to say to young men, ‘pursue science and technology.’ That really hasn’t been the case for women,” Grover explained.

She went on to say that if we had more role models in the industry then more girls in the critical development stage would choose to go into STEM fields.

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