STEM teachers step up to the plate

July 8, 2014

Teachers at Dayton Regional STEM Center share wisdom about what they’ve learned are the best ways to teach STEM.

“I have gotten to expand my horizons as a teacher. It’s forced me to be a lot more creative in what I’m doing in the classroom,” Tim Carey said. “It’s changed the way I look at how I structure my school day and what I do with my kids and what’s really important.”

STEM has really changed the way the teachers at Dayton Regional STEM Center approach teaching, especially when it comes to science, technology, engineering and math. As Carey said, having to teach a STEM-based education forces the teacher to be more creative and interactive. Not only does being original and innovative with lesson plans enrich the day for the students, but it allows for more opportunities for students to get intrigued about STEM and want to follow that career path in the future.

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