Google’s Geek Street revolutionizes STEM education

July 22, 2014

The Geek Street Fair put on in New York by Google shows the fun side of STEM education and allows the attendees to put their STEM knowledge to the test in easy and simple ways.

“The Geek Fair is our way to celebrate all the things that are science and technology related in New York right now,” William Floyd from Google explained.

Google’s Geek Street Fair is more than just a bunch of silly little science experiments. For many children, this will be their one opportunity to be exposed to the fun, applicable sides of STEM education and be inspired to become the next scientists and STEM workers. As Floyd said, there are so many technology and scientific inventions being created, and without the involvement of the next generation, there will be no more inventions. The Geek Street Fair is a great example of how being a geek is fun and rewarding.

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