Breaking down barriers: Kristy Bearden on women in STEM

July 23, 2014

Kristy Bearden, a Chemist working for the Center of Disease Control, explains in the video her experience studying STEM in college and gives some thoughtful advice.

STEM isn’t always about men, as Kristy Bearden, a Chemist for the Center of Disease Control, explains in her own words in the video. While women studying science, technology, engineering and math may feel pressure to be more manly to fit in with the plentitude of males in the workplace, Bearden advises not to do so. As Bearden says, it’s okay to be a complete girly-girl and love science and other subjects that men have traditionally studied. In this day and age, men are just going to have to get over the stereotypes that used to plague women and realize that women can do more and be smarter than was previously believed.

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