Why we need women in STEM

July 23, 2014

Carter Wall, the director of the Performance Solar Division at Broadway Electrical Company, explains what she loves about her STEM career, and why more women should consider going into STEM.

“We really need to have access to all the brains if the country is going to move forward and tackle the challenges of climate change and new technologies,” said Carter Wall, the director of the Performance Solar Division at Broadway Electrical Company.

As Wall emphasized in the video, there are a lot of major changes happening in the world and the U.S. Without the support of all the intelligence of the next generation, these challenges may destroy the world around us. If both women and men come together in STEM fields to solve these issues, then the world would become a better place and everyone would be happier and more satisfied. If we keep on inviting women into STEM careers as much as we invite men, the U.S. would be changed for the better.

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