Ted Talks on STEM education

July 24, 2014

“There’s something about having people of diverse backgrounds at the table that actually makes the difference,” Roni Ellington said. Listen to this Tedx Baltimore Talk to learn more about what she thinks the world should be doing to help kids get into STEM.

“As STEM folks... know that we are so focused on content. Sometimes we lose the people for the content. I tell people, ‘I don’t teach math. I teach students mathematics.’”

Roni Ellington offers her advice to teachers and people who want to advance the amount of students studying STEM in this Tedx Baltimore video. She suggests that teachers focus on them as people, not just as subjects of their teaching. She says that we need to think outside of the textbook and get new experiences that fosters their learning. Another important idea to keep in mind is not looking for certain types of people, and keeping the door open to all types of people to go into STEM.

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