Midlands Technical College benefits from equipment donation

Aug. 19, 2014

Ludeca’s donation of its laser alignment system to Midlands Technical College prepares students for the real world.

Last month there was an article written about Ludeca’s donation of laser alignment systems and vibration analysis equipment to Midlands Technical College. To follow up with that, we interviewed a professor at the college to give some information on the fruits of the donation.

Matthew Lester, an industrial training instructor for Midlands Technical College, was mindful of the good that would come from the donation of equipment from Ludeca, a nearby local company. When Midlands Tech. finally received the laser alignment systems and equipment, his dream of helping students prepare for their future jobs came true.

“When Midlands Technical College hired me, I was a maintenance technician for a local company and was aware of [Ludeca’s] laser alignment system. I wanted to bring the laser alignment system to this program so that the students become aware of the equipment that is out there,” Lester said. “We are so grateful they’re loaning us the equipment.”

To Lester, and many other students and faculty, this donation of equipment is more than just a deed of good will. This donation could be the key to students’ successes in the future. Lester explains that giving students the advantage of learning and being able to work with the same equipment that they will be working with at their future jobs is a huge benefit to their careers.

“The donation of equipment is very important because a lot of the companies that [the students] may work with will need to learn how to work with the very same equipment. Having that knowledge already is a huge advantage,” Lester explained.

In fact, what Lester said is so relevant that working men and women that already have jobs and careers with companies are going back to school, just to become more familiar with the new equipment.

“Here at Midlands Tech. my program has a lot of students that are already working in the industry and are looking to further their knowledge. Their companies are allowing them to learn more.”

Lester has already been working with the equipment for a while now, and yet he’s still excited for instructing more people in the future on how to properly work Ludeca’s equipment.

“[Ludeca’s donation excites] me because I know from experience from having to teach people on the job how to use [equipment that] it was going to be advantageous to [the companies hiring the students] to have the students already learned in the field,” Lester said.

With the knowledge that instructors like Matthew Lester are endowing on their students as well as support from surrounding companies like Ludeca, everyone is sure to benefit from the interaction.

To get more information about Ludeca’s donation, read the first article.

Below are some pictures of the equipment being used by professors and students at the college.

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