New teaching methods allow kids to think outside of the box with STEM

Aug. 19, 2014

“I’m not funnelling them into one way of thinking. They get to challenge themselves and think outside the box rather than using a textbook which directs them and tells them step by step, ‘This is what you should be thinking,’” Sheri Stipp, a teacher at Hudson Elementary, says in the video.

Sheri Stipp, a teacher at Hudson Elementary, explains in the video how important it is to give kids freedom when it comes to learning. As she says, teaching kids by the textbook only limits their thinking instead of enhancing and diversifying it.

“[These robotic activities] are very self-directed. Because of that, they’re doing a lot of problem-solving. ...It challenges the way they think and they have to restructure the way they think,” Stipp said.

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