President Makes Foremen Pay Utility Bills - Saves 35%

Sept. 16, 2014

Watson: Unless the people at the top put reducing energy costs high on the priority list and provide the employees with the incentive and information they need to understand and manage when, where and how the utility dollars are being spent, it isn’t going to get done.

Watson: If you had to pick one of our past projects where the involvement of Top Management had the most obvious impact on the resulting savings Holmes, which one would it be?

Holmes: That's easy. A heat treat plant in Indianapolis. It was a two-shift operation but the third shift accounted for 30% of the electric costs. When I met with the president of the company and gave him a report that showed the electric costs by shift, he said “What the hell is going on?” I said it’s simple; nobody is turning anything off when they leave at the end of their shift.

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