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Why is the Energy Efficiency Profession Still Using Methods That Haven't Changed in 40 Years?

Dec. 13, 2014

The Herd (Flock) Mentality convinces people that their own group is smarter or more important than others. They just fall in line and fail to look for other points of view.

Watson: All of our experience, research and many of our Blogs have provided evidence that the Energy Efficiency Profession is continuing to use antiquated methods that haven’t changed in 40 years. As a recent engineering graduate anxious to embrace all of the latest technology, the biggest question in my mind is Why?Why is this profession still using temporary instrumentation, Energy Audits and Benchmarking to produce mountains of reports to justify Capital Projects? Why hasn’t it updated its methods to take advantage of the latest developments in information technology as all other professions have?

Holmes: We have talked about a number of possible reasons, the most probable being that those methods have resulted in a huge industry including many jobs, government and utility programs, expensive training and certification programs, vendors of lights and other capital equipment and much more. There are a lot of people and companies making a lot of money from perpetuating those antiquated methods.

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