Sport and technology collide to produce new competitions

March 31, 2016

Two upcoming events could be redefining the genre of sports as we know it.

Are you tired of watching the same old sports on TV? Do you wish there were new, inventive competitions that could test both the brain and the brawn of participants? Two upcoming events could be redefining the genre of sports as we know it. The 2016 Cybathlon in Zurich, Switzerland, and the 2017 World Future Sports Games in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, are re-imagining Olympic-like games in two very different ways.

According to Inverse: "Cybathlon requires competitors to use technology to help offset their disabilities. For example, a prosthetic limb would need to have some sort of electrical component that makes it move and give more power to an athlete. Perhaps it generates energy through motion, and that energy allows for the limb to move around on its own.

Cybathlon is where athletes transcend the limits of the human body and pull from technology to allow them to do more. The focus isn’t on force or power or speed, but about creating devices and using them in such a way as to give the body more control over itself and move past limits."

View a trailer for the upcoming Cybathlon

According to Inverse: "The World Future Sports Games takes the sports and technology thing a step further and showcases competitions exclusively using technology. Forget human beings: We’re talking robots and machines powered by remote control or through A.I. It’s the future!

There will be nine different competitions: driverless car racing, robotic soccer, robotic running competitions, manned drones racing, robotic swimming, robotic table tennis, robotic wrestling, drone races, and something cybernetic that hasn’t been fully fleshed out."

View a trailer for next year's World Future Sports Games

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