Watch it now: Real-life Pong

June 3, 2016

A group of friends has turned their love of the video game into a physical, mechanical game table that anyone can play.

Imagine a world where video games could come to life. You could be throwing barrels with Donkey Kong one minute and driving go-carts with Mario and Luigi the next. Sadly, most video games will forever remain fantasy. But, if you are an avid Pong fan, your dream has become reality. A group of friends has turned their love of the video game into a physical, mechanical game table that anyone can play.

According to Popular Mechanics: "The project was spearheaded by and a crew of friends who built the table from scratch and documented the whole build in a fantastic but in-depth video on YouTube. Instead of batting around an actual, freely-moving physical object, the table just maps digitally simulated ball and paddle movements by using a bunch of machinery hidden under the table's surface. The paddles themselves are move by some repurposed hard drives turned into controller-dials. 

The result is a one-of-a-kind game that looks sort of like air hockey, but plays like Pong. Perdomo says on YouTube that he is looking for a hardware partner to "make it a reality," which presumably means making more of these lovely tables."

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