Watch Alton Brown turn a pepper grinder into a power tool (and you can, too)

July 8, 2016

What happens when you combine fine dining and power tools? You get pure magic.

What happens when you combine fine dining and power tools? You get pure magic. Alton Brown, the star of some of my favorite Food Network shows, has just released a video demonstrating how to turn a normal pepper grinder into a high-powered culinary tool. All you need is a 35 mm film canister and a multispeed cordless drill.

According to Alton Brown's website: "Although I suspect that a controlled sonic pulse system is the key to perfect pepper grinding, almost every pepper mill currently on the planet is based upon a design introduced in 1874 by Jean-Pierre and Jean-Fredrique Peugeot, who, at the time, were best known for manufacturing hand saws, of all things. Their design featured a wooden tube that fed the pepper into a rotary mill, composed of a grooved male head and a grooved female ring. Although steel has long been the norm, ceramic mechanisms, which are quieter, and, I think, more precise, are now coming onto the scene. In another new development, some mills are replacing the classic drive shaft with a mill housing that allows the entire container to be turned.

Oh, and about one-handed electric mills: You know, this is a good concept, but I have never seen it executed properly. Of course, I’ve been working on a little something of my own..."

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