Looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Google is here to help.

Oct. 13, 2016

Don't become another costume casualty; let Google tell you what costume ideas are trending in your area.

I'm what you might call a DIY Halloween costume superfan. Don't believe me? Last year I spent 3 months constructing a hyper-realistic Rocket Raccoon costume. And when you put that much time and energy into a costume, there is no worse feeling in the world than showing up to a Halloween soiree only to find that your costume isn't as unique as you had thought. Don't become another costume casualty; let Google tell you what costume ideas are trending in your area.

According to Ryan Whitwam for "Frightgeist is a play on the Google Zeitgeist roundup, which is an analysis of search trends the company does every year. Frightgeist operates in a similar way in that it uses search frequency to extrapolate trends, but it’s only for Halloween costumes. Because the stats are based on search terms, some of them are a bit odd. You can probably figure out what people were going for, though.

The main Frightgeist interface is an interactive map of the US with floating bubbles over medium and large metropolitan areas — basically anywhere Google has enough search data to rank potential costumes. Hover over one and it’ll tell you which costume is the most popular search, then you can click to see more stats. Clicking on individual costumes in the results gives you data about how it has trended over the years and how it compares to other costumes in its category."

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