DIY: Become a winter warrior by building your own snowball machine gun

Dec. 8, 2016

Are you tired of being on the losing end of snowball fights? Then put your DIY skills to work and make your own snowball machine gun.

Are you tired of being on the losing end of snowball fights? Are neighborhood kids always pelting you with snowballs whenever you leave your house? Then put your DIY skills to work and make your own snowball machine gun. Complete with additional clips that can hold up to 15 snowballs, a trigger that can control airflow, and a plunger to control rate of fire, this wintertime project is sure to make you the ultimate snow warrior.

According to Eric Limer for Popular Mechanics: "Developed by former NASA engineer and designer of the animated ugly Christmas sweater Mark Rober, this snowball machine gun flings snow-spheres at rates of up to ~25 per second. But that's not all! It also supports a clip system that makes it easy to make and load dozens or hundreds of snowballs ahead of time, and fire them off with just a three or four second break between barrages. All you need is some PVC and a leaf-blower to build your own version of this overkill device."

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