Collective builds bionic Nerf gun for disabled friend

Jan. 12, 2017

How do you improve on something as timeless as a Nerf gun? You make it bionic, of course. 

How do you improve on something as timeless as a Nerf gun? You make it bionic, of course. The Hackerloop collective, which is based out of Paris and New York, has done exactly that. These modified toy guns can be fired by muscle contractions, opening a world of possibilities for people with amputated or missing limbs.

According to David Grossman for Popular Mechanics: “The gun is built around an Arduino circuit board and uses electromyography, which measures muscle activation through electric potential. While electromyography is more closely associated with the military and DARPA projects, there's no reason hacker's can't have some fun with it. As the electricity in an arm goes above a predetermined threshold, a sensor connected to the Nerf gun pulls the trigger. Similarly, when the electricity levels drop, the gun stops firing.

The collective tells Motherboard that they were inspired to make the device by a friend who lost his hand. Researchers have been working on using technology to improve toys for the disabled for some time now, and this type of DIY project shows that there might be fewer limits on what's possible in that realm than previously believed.”

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