DIY: Marshmallow shooter is a delicious combination of engineering and nostalgia

Feb. 2, 2017

Are you looking for a new use for marshmallows? Consider building a marshmallow shooter.

Do you have a pile of PVC pipe in your basement from an uncompleted home improvement project? Do you have an unused CO2 cartage gathering dust in your garage? Are you looking for a new use for marshmallows? Then you have the drive and materials necessary to construct your own marshmallow shooter.

According to William Gurstelle for Popular Science: "Made from PVC pipe and fittings, a bicycle tire inflator, and easily obtainable cartridges of compressed carbon dioxide, the mack-mack is cheap, easy to make, and can be assembled in minutes. You may have seen marshmallow guns that use lung-power to shoot single mini-marshmallows, but this high-velocity weapon is far more impressive.

After assembling the PVC pipe and fittings, just as I would for a standard marshmallow gun, I drilled and tapped a single hole in the plastic and attached the bicycle inflator. The inflator releases a burst of compressed gas that’s much more powerful than a puff of breath. I also gave the gun another modification: an ammo tube that can hold seven mini-marshmallows at once."

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