How a robot saved Easter

April 12, 2017

Is it time to give the Easter bunny an update?

In these modern times, the idea of a rabbit hiding painted eggs and baskets filled with chocolate candies can seem antiquated. Maybe it's time to give the Easter bunny an update. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster. Or maybe we just replace him with a robot. In this video, a robot and a drone save Easter after a careless bunny drops all the jelly beans.

According to Lily Hay Newman for Gizmodo: "The Robotics and Perception Group in the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the University of Zurich is nailing it. Funded in 2012, they are studying the development of autonomous robots by making seasonal videos. Which is all anyone really wants.

In the video a Parrot AR.Drone (they're everywhere today) locates jellybean eggs that the Easter bunny has dropped out of its basket so a KUKA youBot can pick them up and return them to a crying Roboy."

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