Impress your friends by controlling time with a DIY glove

Dec. 8, 2017

In this age of cinematic universes, it seems like everyone wants super powers.

In this age of cinematic universes, it seems like everyone wants super powers. And while you may never be able to shoot webs or have adamantium claws it might be possible to control time or at least to convince your friends that you can control time. All you need is a glove, a strobe light, and basic electrical and soldering skills. YouTuber MadGyver demonstrates the entire process in his most recent video

According to Sophie Weiner for Popular Mechanics: "The mechanism here is extremely simple. The glove has a strobe light attached to the palm and an Arduino attached to the back of the hand. The Arduino allows the user to control the strobe frequency. Objects appear to "stop" when the frequency of the strobe is the same as the frequency with which, for example, the fan spins. By decreasing the strobe frequency a little, time appears to merely slow down. Even better, this simple trick works both on the human eye and on the camera."

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