Design and 3D-print breakfast with PancakeBot

Jan. 12, 2018

PancakeBot, created by Miguel Valenzuela, allows users to design and 3D-print the perfect pancake each time.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but with the right equipment, breakfast can also be the most creative and technologically advanced meal. PancakeBot, created by Miguel Valenzuela, allows users to design and 3D-print the perfect pancake each time. What a delicious way to introduce children to the ever-expanding world of additive manufacturing.

According to Miguel Valenzuela in a recent interview with Make: "In reality, PancakeBot is more than a CNC machine that drops batter on a griddle, it is the culmination of many things: child inspiration, self-placed limits, and a drive to keep moving forward in the eyes of people that constantly were negative about what this could do. For myself and my family, PancakeBot is a gateway into technology and humanity by creating a machine that can create something you can eat. It is a quirky idea that allows people to learn how the technology behind 3D printing works without breaking the bank. It is a piece of technology that can be used by entrepreneurs everywhere to provide a customised treat for their customers. It is a child of the Maker Movement and a product of the inspiration and the energy that gives us the ability to create what we want."

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Alexis Gajewski | Senior Content Strategist

Alexis Gajewski has over 15 years of experience in the maintenance, reliability, operations, and manufacturing space. She joined Plant Services in 2008 and works to bring readers the news, insight, and information they need to make the right decisions for their plants. Alexis also authors “The Lighter Side of Manufacturing,” a blog that highlights the fun and innovative advances in the industrial sector. 

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