Turn your unwanted coins into chain mail for your Halloween or cosplay costume

Sept. 12, 2019

In a recent video, YouTuber The Q demonstrates how to turn your pocket change into decorative chain mail.

There’s great debate in this country about whether or not we should keep the penny as a form of U.S. currency. On the one hand, the penny is an iconic coin, a tribute to one of our greatest presidents, and incredibly fun to throw into fountains. On the other hand, the penny can be dangerous to pets and children, inflation has rendered it virtually worthless, and it actually costs more money to manufacture a penny than its face value. If we did decide to stop using the penny, however, what would we do with all the pennies currently in circulation? We would use them to create awesome chain mail, of course. In a recent video, YouTuber The Q demonstrates how to turn your pocket change into decorative chain mail. Warning: Coin chain mail will not protect you from swords, cross bows, and other weapons.

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