Looking for a place to store your hoarded toilet paper? Build a bunker.

March 27, 2020

In a recent video, YouTuber colinfurze shows off his homemade bunker.

Like most people, I’ve made some poor, often regrettable, decisions in my life. The first time I made a frozen pizza, I accidentally placed the cardboard tray in the oven and nearly set the house on fire. Mistake. I once tried to spray paint a piece of furniture in my house and covered everything, myself included, in black paint. Mistake. I recently decided to save money by cutting my own hair. Mistake. But my biggest regret is never having built an emergency underground bunker in my backyard. Well, I have a shovel and a lot of free time right now. Maybe it’s time to get working. In a recent video, YouTuber colinfurze shows off his homemade bunker.

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