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Life in quarantine: Understanding the mind of an introvert

April 8, 2020
Are you an introvert stuck in quarantine with a bunch of loud talkers? The Captain is here to help!

Introverts and extroverts are often viewed in terms of two opposites. That is somewhat true, but many people are a bit of both, depending on the situation.

It is said that introverts make up an estimated 20-30% percent of the population, and there are still many misconceptions about this personality type. As The Captain is an introvert, let me share my perspective to share some insight as to how all you extroverts can understand the mind of an introvert.

First off, at face value, this quarantine is a blessing, as we are much more comfortable being at home and not socializing. It’s not that we are not social, it just needs to be on our terms. We also love people; we just don’t like to talk about it.

What was not expected was that our own family would impede on that introvert-ism. If you are like me, most of my family are extroverts. So here are some tips to understand us introverts, and deal with our somewhat seeming irritation of being stuck inside with extroverts and their unknowing intrusion on our lives.

These are my opinions, so if there are any introverts that disagree, please email me and let me know if I missed anything or what you disagree with. As an introvert, you probably won’t send the email anyway because you don’t want to bother me! Here are my tips:

1. Keep the mindless chatter to a minimum. If the conversation doesn’t add value, I really don’t care to hear it. I am not much of a small talk person. I will try my best to act like I care, but if I begin to squirm, please know that it is not you, it is me. Once I turn my back as you continue to talk, please know that the conversation is finished.

2. When I go to the store and “accidentally” buy that food I love but no one else in the house does, please know I did it on purpose. This gives me the ability to enjoy this food without having to worry about others eating it.

3. Constantly asking, “Are you okay?” because I am not smiling 100 percent of the time is annoying. Just because I am not smiling, does not mean I am not happy. This “mean” face I have is just my resting face and I mean nothing by it. If I did, trust me, I have no problem letting you know.

4. Just because I am an introvert, doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally like to go out or hang with friends. I am not shy. I am not antisocial, but if I am towards you it probably means I don’t like you. I do have friends; I just keep my circle small. I stretched out of my comfort zone to develop these relationships and they mean a lot to me. If you see me talking to myself, I am not. I am probably just talking with one of my friends.

5. As I clean out the hall closet because I no longer have space to myself, please don’t be alarmed. This will be my new quiet space to do self-reflection, wind-down, and thinking. Don’t mind the deadbolt and the insulating foam. I just need some much-needed quiet time. After an hour, please check on me as I may have sealed off this room so well that I have used up all the oxygen in the room.

I hope these tips help as you now know what goes through our heads. May these tips guide you in how to handle us introverts during this time of self-isolation. If you have any other tips, please share them with me and stay positive. It will all be over soon!

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