5 bad types of office politicians and how to avoid them

June 30, 2020
These are the ones who give hard work and collaboration a bad name – are you stuck with any of them?

In today’s world, we all experience politics within our business. Politics are slammed in our face almost 24/7 these days and our workplace is not exempt from that. Research from Accountemps shows that it affects our lives, many of us regularly.

The study found that 76 percent of workers believe that office politics affect their efforts to get ahead, up from 56 percent who felt that way in 2012. And 55 percent of employees say they partake in office politics to mostly advance their careers.

Here is a list of five types of political types within the office, and I am sure there are more.

1. Sabotaging Sam. Sabotaging Sams work only to benefit themselves. They constantly criticize others and willingly throw other colleagues under the bus. They are very good at blaming others to cover for their own mistakes. They are the main culprits behind hindering the success of the organization. They are some of the biggest bullies with the office. A major contributor is Ego due to a lack of understanding the business. They seek to get their way through using brute force and trampling over others. Most people seem to capitulate to these types, and before you know it, they are the ones running your organization.

2. Complaining Karen. Complaining Karens have become a center of attention within our country’s current situation. They are the ones that always complain about the things you do, all the while doing the opposite of what they want you to believe that they do. They will have a list of complaints no matter what solution is provided. They are the ones that will always want to speak to the manager and seem to have similar hair styles. There is no pleasing a Complaining Karen due to the fact that they get joy in tearing others down and being a busy body, always sticking their noses where they doesn’t belong.

3. Passive-Aggressive Edgar. Passive-Aggressive Edgars take shots at people without them having the gall to come out and say it directly to your face. They are the ones that feel protected in their environment thinking that no one will confront them about their snarky attitude. When confronted they become Pouty Peters. They are well known for playing the victim after stirring the pot. They also are terrible communicators and love giving back-handed compliments. They love saying things like, “I feel so smart when I talk to you” or “That dress really hides your tummy.” It is compliments for idiots.

4. Negative Nancy/Ned. Negative Nancys are a drag to be around. They see everything in a negative light. This kind of person shoots down every idea you have. They have no faith in your work and also continue to hold you down. They never give words of encouragement. Instead, they find every kind of fault in what you do. Every time Ned hears about a project he rolls his eyes, mutters under his breath, and is just generally grumbly. Negative Nancy’s objections can typically be overcome with data. They seem to be more data minded and less big picture thinkers.

5. Credit Thief Todd. Credit Thief Todds are the type of people that will do whatever it takes to get ahead, even if that means taking credit for someone else’s ideas. They will do whatever it takes to win, many times, even if it is unethical. You must be very wary around these types to share any data and keep things close to your sleeve. Any hint of anything good that you could earn credit for will be stolen in a blink of an eye. These people will already have charts prepared and a 30-slide PowerPoint ready to share with everyone that showcases the amazing work they did. I do not know how they do it, but they do.

These are the five types of politicians in the workplace I would seek to avoid. If you find yourself on this list, I would do some soul searching and ask if this really is the type of person you want to be known as. But, hey, don’t take my advice. If it helps you to get ahead in life, so be it!

About the Author: The Captain

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