4 good types of office politicians and how to be like them

Aug. 4, 2020
Last month we took a tour of the worst, so let’s give credit where it’s due to those who give us hope.

In part two of this column, I would like to focus on the positive. I would like to look at the same data on office politics from last month, but flip it on its head.

Research from Accountemps shows that office politics affects our lives, many of us regularly. The study found that 76% of workers believe that it affects their efforts to get ahead, up from 56% who felt that way in 2012. Also, 55% of respondents say they partake in office politics to mostly advance their careers.

So, it can’t be all bad, right? Through study, trials, and tribulation, I would like to provide a list of four political types we should inspire to be.

1. Greater Good Gary. Gary is the type of person that works hard on collaborative efforts and is always seeking everyone’s input. The reason for this is to make the most informed decisions for the greater good of the company and its employees.

Gary is not only advancing his own objectives, but he is trying to help others by identifying what’s in it for them and working to forward the objectives of the company. Gary’s love is in areas that benefit the most people – areas that are more big picture, sacrificing smaller things of less importance for the greater good. Sustainability, efficiencies, and making life easier seem to be where to find the Garys.

2. Leader Larry. Larry is the type of person that works hard on making the right decisions for both employees and the company. He is the one out on the plant floor leading the charge and bringing others along side of him. He is the type of person that will not ask you to do something that he would not do. He paints the picture of the future state all the while developing those around him, helping them to maximize their full potential. He gives hope to others, motivates them to do more and be better, and is great at following up and keeping his word. He seeks to develop trust and earn respect. He is a coach and a mentor. He holds people to a higher standard and is actively engaged. He is the type of leader that others learn from, inspire to be, and will follow anywhere. Most of all, Larry develops other leaders, pushing them to be all that they can be.

3. Compassionate Casey. Caseys truly care about others. They love finding ways to bring people joy and to show that they care. They are normally great listeners and love being the shoulder to cry on. They are the positive people in the down times. They are very reliable and loyal, taking pride in their ability to make others happy. They go out of their way to make sure everyone they come in contact with feels special. They leave small notes of appreciation and send out emails of inspiration. They are edifiers, always trying to build others up. They recognize the key to life that so many others miss: The Key to Happiness in Life is in Helping Others.

4. Integrity Isaac. Isaacs believe integrity, above all things, is one of the most important attributes in a leader. They are very fond of keeping their word and expect you to do the same. They will speak open and honestly about issues plaguing an operation and see it as an opportunity for change. They bring solutions and are always ready to execute. What good is giving people your word if you do not intend on following through? They have strong moral convictions and believe in fairness and justice over political correctness, and in treating everyone equally, not favoring or having favorites. They want what is best for everyone if giving the same effort. This creates a true atmosphere of unity.

I believe in today’s time of strife and division, it is more important than ever to bring in strong leadership and positivity, while giving everyone hope that there truly is a brighter tomorrow. My hope is that this specific column, although different from the normal sarcasm, is an inspiration to others and these types are truly needed now more than ever.

I know that every one of you has within you the potential to be great and be better, so as your Captain, I implore you to heed the call and strive to be the best YOU that you can be. Bring hope. Share hope. Be Hope.

About the Author: The Captain

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