The value of compressed air training

Jan. 6, 2021
Compressed air training can yield a triple win for stakeholders.

Compressed air training can yield a triple win for stakeholders. Employees trained on the What’s and the Why’s of compressed air improvement measures are more likely to initiate actions that will save energy and improve the operation of the compressed air systems in their plant.

These actions typically involve the purchase of some specialty services or energy efficient compressed air equipment, both of which increases sales to suppliers. And power utilities also benefit from training because they receive significant energy efficiency program results from their investment. Typical savings of between 10 and 30 percent can be achieved for an average compressed air system, done so without even breaking a sweat, and savings of over 50% are not uncommon.

Three utilities recently studied the participants of some of the Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) training they had sponsored for their customers. They found that the training program participants went back to their plants and implemented improvement projects totaling almost $400,000 per year in energy savings. Click the following to access the case study report about the results, which also can be found on the Compressed Air Challenge website in the library section alongside dozens of other resources.

The results of this study are no surprise. A DOE study of the CAC training programs found that participants from about 1,500 different surveyed facilities saved more than $5M in compressed air costs for their companies after receiving the training. The estimated return on each training dollar in these cases was $82 in savings. This study is also in the CAC library for your review.

Actions you can take to make a big difference include the following:

  • Check the CAC calendar of trainings at:
  • Check out the many upcoming and on-demand compressed air webinars at Plant Services:
  • Send a critical mass of employees to the trainings (these are available via webinar to save costs).
  • Once trained, discuss with your employees some of the information they have learned and start with some small projects.
  • Measure and record your savings results, and if successful target some bigger projects.
  • Celebrate your success, and set yourself up for bigger results by training more of your employees
About the Author: Ron Marshall

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