Dangerously overpowered toothbrush transforms routine dental hygiene into an unnerving adventure

Jan. 14, 2021

In a recent video, YouTuber Joel Creates demonstrates how to build a high-powered toothbrush.

We can all agree that brushing your teeth is boring. Necessary, but boring. I’ve never had an epiphany while cleaning my teeth or even felt like I was improving my life in any meaningful way during that two minutes of uninterrupted brushing every morning. But what if you could improve your oral hygiene while demonstrating your DIY prowess? What if you could build an overpowered, two-headed electric toothbrush that was approved by zero dentists? All you need is a pair of toothbrushes, an actuator, a timer, a battery, relays and a volt meter. In a recent video, YouTuber Joel Creates demonstrates how to build a high-powered toothbrush.

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