How to utilize automated storage and retrieval systems for compact, high-density storage

Jan. 21, 2021
For any business handling a large number of SKUs, pallet storage can represent a high cost and source of stress.

By Jonathan White, account manager at Abel Womack, an authorized Raymond Solutions and Support Center

For any business handling a large number of SKUs, pallet storage can represent a high cost and source of stress. Building too high in a single space with traditional storage solutions can lead to damaged products and a lack of efficiency. The alternative to building up is to build out by either increasing your storage facility or potentially moving to a new site. These options can be both expensive endeavors and not solve the problem completely. So, what is the solution?

Deep lane pallet storage system

An automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) allows maximum vertical storage without product damage or loss of efficiency. By better utilizing the storage cube in a warehouse or facility, AS/RS is a unique and 100% customizable bulk storage solution.

Vertical space is the key

A high-density storage system allows you to store more pallets in a deep lane rack system. Whether you want to create individual lanes for one or more SKUs, for individual stores/customers, or to stage outbound or work in progress loads, these storage systems enable you to build as high in your warehouse as possible.

Focusing on vertical storage allows you to maximize your storage efficiency without sacrificing additional floor space, adding new floor space, or moving to a new and more expensive location.

Semi-automated storage and retrieval in action

Recently, Abel Womack installed a semi-automated high-density storage system into warehouses for two of its clients.

The first client was looking to revamp its storage system and increase productivity by creating individual lanes for specific customers. Before the AS/RS system, the client would have either needed to dedicate considerably more floor space or build a new storage area to accommodate more pallets. With AS/RS, the client maximized its vertical storage space without damaging products. Using the first-in, first-out (FIFO) method, the client now has 900 pallet positions and has greatly improved productivity. The manufacturing area sends cases of products to a palletizing robot, which then feeds the AS/RS for ship out. The new system created individual lanes 30 pallets deep, which was enough to fill up a trailer for each customer.

The other client was storing over 2,900 pallets of a single product. By utilizing AS/RS, we designed a storage system that freed up about 2,300 selectable pallet positions throughout the warehouse’s selective rack for all the like SKUs and delivered a more efficient storage solution. The client currently uses the last-in, first-out method, but the backside of the AS/RS has the option to change to first-in, first-out, if needed. Now the client has more space and a more effortless time loading and unloading pallets.

Easy to operate and fully customizable

An AS/RS, like The Raymond Corporation’s Radioshuttle, is remarkably easy and intuitive to use. With the press of a button on the remote, the system storage system pallet will begin storing and retrieving products and pallets based on your system type and pallet flow configurations. Additionally, it can provide you with inventory updates and shuffle products up and down the lanes as needed.

Along with having operational ease, Radioshuttle is 100% customizable. The engineering and design team at Abel Womack considers your specific warehouse dimensions, SKUs, and storage needs to create a unique, highly customized solution for your operation. No matter the storage demands or layout of your facility, we can create a solution that increases efficiency and decreases product damage.

If you are interested in maximizing productivity and storage space in your warehouse, contact The Raymond Corporation today at

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