How to stay powered on: Alternative forklift charging on the go

Oct. 6, 2021
Keeping electric pallet jacks charged and ready to go throughout a shift is crucial to an operation’s productivity.

By Chad Kritzman, product manager for pallet trucks, The Raymond Corporation

Battery uptime is imperative to an operation’s success in an industry where time is of the essence, inefficiencies are closely monitored, and productivity is key. Keeping electric pallet jacks charged and ready to go throughout a shift is crucial to an operation’s productivity.

Alternative charging solutions

Innovation in energy includes embracing alternative charging opportunities to accommodate an operation’s wide-ranging needs. These methods can be implemented in many places where charging issues could arise. It can be used by a truck driver on a trailer all the way to use in a retail space stock room. Alternative charging solutions allow your equipment to optimize efficiency all day long. You will see longer run times and increased up times, ultimately eliminating the problem of longevity throughout any shift.

Trailer auxiliary systems

What about when you find yourself low on battery while you’re not in a warehouse? Over-the-road applications present various unique challenges, including keeping electric pallet jacks charged and ready to go at every stop. If the pallet jack battery discharges to the point that it affects performance, drivers must either return to the warehouse to charge the battery, charge the battery at the store before unloading, or unload the truckload by hand. To overcome this potential challenge to productivity, Raymond offers the Purkeys Trailer Auxiliary Power System (TAPS), which converts DC power to AC power and effectively recharges a pallet jack battery without leaving the back of a truck. It can be installed into commercial trailers, allowing drivers to plug in and charge their electric pallet jack between deliveries or even during transport.

Onboard charging

Onboard charging options give you valuable space back in your warehouse by charging pallet jack batteries while they’re still on the truck. With no need to buy or store spare batteries, you will see dramatic cost savings and be able to maximize the space on your workplace floor.

One example of a pallet jack that provides onboard charging as an option is the Raymond 8210 powered pallet jack with onboard AC power. This pallet jack provides unparalleled maneuverability to navigate in tighter spaces, busy docks and in the back of trailers. By integrating the charger with the pallet jack and separating the battery/charger combination, the Delta-Q integrated charger enables a convenient and operator-friendly charging capability for increased efficiency. Other benefits include:   

  • Smart charging—Smart charging prevents the equipment from traveling while plugged in, so you do not have to disconnect the truck from the battery – saving you time. 
  • Detachable cordage—With an easy to store, detachable charger cord, your equipment can be neatly stored for your convenience.  

As an end-to-end provider for electric pallet jacks, battery solutions, and other integrated products, we are here to help ensure that your operation can run better and manage smarter with alternative charging solutions. 

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