Winterization: Providing personnel with the right gear

Aug. 23, 2022
Are you paying attention to how your people dress for the cold?

As winter approaches, you should assess how well your plant is protected from problems that frigid conditions can pose. Heat-tracing, deadlegs, and other equipment-related aspects certainly require attention. Chemical Processingarticles, e.g., “Get Ready for the Next Big Freeze,” and “Time to Prepare for Winter,”  provide useful pointers. Other valuable references include a vintage video from the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, “Prevent Accidents During Subfreezing Weather,”  and the blog post “Winter Weather Dangers: Why Winterizing is Crucial for Chemical Plants."

The risk of personnel slipping or falling increases in the winter, as noted in “Winter-proof Your Workplace to Prevent Slips and Falls." Indeed, I am reminded of an incident many years ago involving someone in our department who had a limp. She stepped out of her car on one foot, slipped on some ice and broke her femur.

Let’s look at another aspect that often doesn’t get adequate attention — providing personnel with suitable clothing and other gear.

To learn more, read "Safety: Winterization Goes Beyond Equipment" from Chemical Processing.

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